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Selected Discography


   Rachael Yamagata- One Spring Night  (written, produced, recorded, mixed, guitar, keys, mastered)

   The Parkland Project- Wake Up, America  (produced, recorded, mixed, guitar, keys, mastered)

   Mackenzie Shivers- The Undkindness (recorded, mixed, mastered)

   Mackenzie Shivers- Mr. Jones  (recorded, mixed, mastered, guitar)

   Chris Harford- We Are  (produced, recorded, mixed, guitar)

   Sarah Elizabeth Haines- Pretending to Sleep  (produced, recorded, mixed, guitar, mastered)

   Mike Doughty


   Alice TempleThe End (produced, recorded, mixed, guitar, mastered)

   Wes Charlton- Morning Stars (guitar)

   Whiskey Limbs- Teeth Marks (guitar, add'l recording and production, mix, 



   Rachael Yamagata - Tightrope Walker (guitar)

   Echo BloomGreen (produced, recorded, mixed, guitar, mastered)


   Matthew Ryan- Boxers (produced, recorded, mixed, guitar)

   Ida Jenshus- Let It Go (produced 1 trk, co-writer, guitar)

   Zee Avi- Nightlight (produced, recorded, mixed, guitar and other inst)

   Danielia Cotton- The Real Book (produced, recorded, mixed, guitar)

   Ivo- Ivo III (co-produced, recorded, co-wrote, guitar)

   Peter, Paul & Mary- Discovered (produced, mixed, edited)



   Lenka- Shadows (produced, written, recorded, guitar, programmed)

   Anna Rose- Behold a Pale Horse (produced, written, recorded, guitar, mixed)


   Mike Doughty- The Flip Is Another Honey (co-produced, recorded, mixed)

   Danielia Cotton- The Gun in Your Hand (produced, written, recorded, guitar, mixed)

   Peter, Paul & Mary- Japan, 1964 (mixed, mastered)

   Dana Kletter- The Fool's Fool  (co-produced, guitar, recorded, mixed)

   Ivo- Peace and Freedom (co-written, co-produced)

   Aunt Martha- Neighbor Song/Vows (produced, recorded, mixed)


   Lenka- Two (co-produced, recorded, mixed)

   Rachael Yamagata- Chesapeake (guitar)

   Giant Sand- Chore of Enchantment Reissue (produced, recorded, mixed, guitar)

   Marc Cohn- Join the Parade (co-writer)

   Amal Murkus- Baghani (produced, mixed)

   For Heaven's Sake-  Paha Sapa/Mako Sika (mixed)

   Kevin Salem/Christina Amphlett/Barry Reynolds- Lola, California (produced, written, recorded, mixed)

   Lenka- Woodstock Sessions II (produced, recorded, mixed, co-write)


Along the Way

   Dumptruck- For the Country    

   Madder Rose- Bring It Down

   Chris Harford- Be Headed

   Freedy Johnston- Can You Fly, This Perfect World

   Matt Keating- Scaryarea, Tell it to Yourself

   Scarce- Deadsexy

   Yo La Tengo- Upside Down

   Pooh Sticks- The World Is Turning On

   Rachael Yamagata- EP, Elephants, Loft Sessions, Happenstance


Solo Albums

  Soma City (1994)

  Glimmer (1996)

  Ecstatic (2001)

  Lola, California (2010)




© 2019 Kevin Salem

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